I’ve been running workshops on various topics for 20 years.

The number one factor that is crucial for me is that at the beginning of any workshop I run, no matter what it is about, is that we create an environment where everyone participating feels safe and welcome.

We set out clear boundaries and get clear on the hopes and needs from the group.

From there, we can go anywhere.

Currently, I host workshops in:

Laughter Yoga
Expressive Dance (Biodanza)
Believing in Yourself and Doing Things Your Way
Connecting with the Wise Part of yourself
Building Your Own First-Aid Kit

I’ve run these for:

Children of all ages and abilities
University students
Women’s Institute
Carers (particularly with people caring for those living with Dementia)

Lawyers, Bankers, Teachers, Colleagues, Friends: basically: HUMANS. 

These workshops can happen online and also “in the real world” (I have faith this will be possible again one day!)

In addition to that, I’ve been running workshops for people aged 2 – 102 for almost 20 years spanning an array of topics. If there’s a workshop you need run, it’s possible I have it in my repertoire (or could combine exercises from a few workshops to create a new bespoke one just for you!). Weaving new workshops born out of someone’s need is a speciality of mine. 

You can write to me here to book me for a workshop, or you can join my weekday laughter yoga sessions here.

My main offers at the moment online are: 

Laughter Yoga:
½ hour blast – great for team “away days”/morale boosters to get everyone connected as part of a longer event. 

Laughter Yoga:
1 hour – Facilitated Problem Solving. After ½ hour of laughter, something opens in us and we can think more clearly and creatively. 

Laughter Yoga:
1 hour – Connecting to The Wise Part of Ourselves – ½ hour of laughter followed by a writing workshop – not just for spiritual groups!! 

Laughter Yoga:
1 hour – Comedy Improvisation. ½ hour of laughter, followed by some improvisation exercises. Opened by laughter, everyone is more creative and encouraging of each other.  

Scavenger Hunt Disco:
Participants grab particular items from home to dance withMuch laughter tends to follow.

“Suzy Harvey radiates generosity, positivity and a willingness to embrace life in all its shapes and colours. Her workshop introduced my students to a physical and mental practice they have never experienced before. There is such joyful wisdom in her approach. One that will reverberate with my students for a long time.”

Carrie Mueller, Co-programme leader of Performing Arts at University of East London

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