Laughter Yoga

Everybody Laugh Together

This last year, I’ve made a commitment to my emotional fitness, the way others might commit to their physical fitness, by showing up for my practice every weekday morning. 

I began hosting online Laughter Yoga classes via zoom on March 16th 2020 under the name Everybody Laugh Together.

Over the course of the year, these sessions have become more and more theatrical. We’ve taken imaginary trips to the seaside, Paris, Italy, Mexico, dressed as a rainbow, celebrated Mayday, Burns Night and even spent Christmas Day morning together. 

Opened by laughter, a rather incredibly supportive, kind-hearted community has formed. This is what happens when we laugh together. The classes continue and you are welcome to join, or book me to lead a group of your friends or colleagues in laughter. 

Laughing together offers huge benefits to our health, both physically and mentally. Reducing stress, boosting our immune system and allowing us an outlet to make noise, express ourselves emotionally and creatively, laughter really has proved to be an amazing medicine this year. 

Whether you feel like play or laughter is “your thing” or not, it’s extremely helpful in these challenging times to find ways to cut through the seriousness of all that is going on around us.

Participants describe feeling more energised, resilient, creative, productive, open-hearted, flexible, relaxed and able to get perspective. 

“Even my husband has noticed I’m brighter since starting Laughter Yoga!”
Laughter Yoga Participant

A screenshot of my laughter yoga class on Zoom. All the people are holding their hands up and laughing.

What Is Laughter Yoga?

The word yoga translates into English as union/connection. 

In Laughter Yoga we access the mind/body connection, as in traditional yoga, and we also open up the possibility for union/connection between us as humans. 

Laughing together connects us.  

What are the Health Benefits?

Laughter decreases the stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection fighting antibodies, which improves our resistance to disease. It triggers the release of endorphins – the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.

Sometimes, in addition to just feeling good, it can even temporarily relieve pain. There’s also evidence that it improves brain function and regulates blood pressure.

Join one of my classes and find out more about Laughter Yoga here.

Words from participants:

“It occurs to me that “Going Bonkers” in your class has preserved my sanity during lockdown, and saved me from going bonkers. Hmmm –  laughter yoga works a bit like a vaccine!”

“I struggle with long term Chronic Pain and it’s helped. Thank you”

“I have been very surprised by the emotional impact of your class, I thought I just needed to cheer up a bit and re-find my joy but actually it has touched me in much deeper ways and the sense of community and belonging has been very much at the heart of the power of joining in in the morning.”

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