For me, the answer is dance. 

It doesn’t really matter what the question is. The answer is DANCE. 

When I feel stuck emotionally, the first thing I know to do is to MOVE MY BODY. I put on some music that makes me feel alive and I begin to move. 

I’ve always loved dancing, but in recent years, one of my favourite ways to do this is with Biodanza (the dance of life). 

I see Biodanza as a kind of dance laboratory, where supported by music and the group, we get to try out new and different ways of being before we go for it “in real life”. 

Over my three-year training as a Biodanza facilitator, I grew in ways I could never have imagined. It was empowering, liberating, expansive, life-affirming and nourishing. It guided me to a place where I could imagine loving ALL of myself (I’m a work in progress of course, but more than ever, I understand what it is to feel whole).

It brought me to a place of saying,  “It’s time for me to be my biggest, boldest self without apology. I can do anything, I can be anything”. 

I felt love and connection to others in ways I had never felt before – some of it through crazy, silly games and play, and some of it through tears, caress and softness.

So, this is what Biodanza has offered me. Maybe it can offer something similar to you?

I’m not currently running classes, due to the pandemic – there are some wonderful teachers out there. Get in touch if you’d like a recommendation. 

For now, until we can meet in person, I occasionally host novelty discos on zoom. Drop me a line if you’d like to be kept informed about these.

“Working with Suzy has been a voyage of discovery for me! I’d never done any drama, singing or dancing before …at school I avoided all for fear of looking stupid and drawing attention to myself. And here I am some 50 years on loving being silly and laughing at myself. I’ve suddenly discovered the joy of wearing silly hats, pulling funny faces, dancing without a care and laughing with strangers.”
Workshop Participant

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