Interviews and Public Speaking

It took me many years to recognise and accept that I am an expert in something and have something to speak publicly about, but I’ve finally arrived there and it feels good.

This, in a way, is one of the things I speak about – the journey to believing in yourself, to stepping into your full power, to doing things in the way that only you can.

I like to speak about joy, play, emotional release, laughter, connection, communication, self-esteem, self-belief, wading through the mud of sadness, difficulty, adversity and finding the way through, exploring creative approaches to trauma and anxiety, finding gratitude and appreciation in the little things in life, doing it your way.

You know, big, juicy, life-affirming topics that all humans can engage with.

My talks and interviews tend to be fairly interactive, with examples, exercises for an audience to get a taster of what I’m talking about. This is where my background in theatre and workshop facilitation come into play.

The end goal is for an audience to leave feeling empowered, inspired, enlivened and ready to step into their own power, just a little more.

If you’d like to interview me, or invite me to speak at an event, we can choose any of the topics mentioned above as a starting point – they all feed into each other in some way and ultimately lead to a more positive place.

Audiences include: Careers days in schools, Fundraising events, Positivity groups, Children, Parents, but mostly just HUMANS.

Contact me here to find out more or book me.

Things To Watch:

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Click to watch ‘How To Have More Fun and Laughter’  (as part of the Relax Your Child Summit hosted by Relax Kids) on Facebook.


Click the picture to listen to me on Matt Marney’s Podcast

“The world needs more Suzy Harveys.”
Matt Marney, Matt Marney Fitness Show

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