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As you can see, I do a lot of things, which all point towards enhanced wellbeing in one way or another.

I consider myself a resourceful, creative, flexible being and would be delighted to create a wonderful workshop/talk/event for you, based on your specific needs. 

“Suzy is able to stretch people out of their comfort zone and has a gift for helping them connect, whether in person or remotely. In my view, she performs an invaluable function both in bonding teams in difficult circumstances and preparing them to think with imagination and vitality”

Richard Martin, Strategy Director of Wavemaker, UK

My main offers at the moment online are: 

Laughter Yoga: ½ hour blast – great for team “away days/morale boosters to get everyone connected as part of a longer event. 

Laughter Yoga: 1 hour – Facilitated Problem Solving. After ½ hour of laughter, something opens in us and we can think more clearly and creatively. 

Laughter Yoga: 1 hour – Connecting to The Wise Part of Ourselves – ½ hour of laughter followed by a writing workshop – not just for spiritual groups!! 

Laughter Yoga: 1 hour – Comedy Improvisation. ½ hour of laughter, followed by some improvisation exercises. Opened by laughter, everyone is more creative and encouraging of each other.  

Scavenger Hunt Disco: Participants grab particular items from home to dance with. 

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