About Me

“You’ve reconnected me to my inner-child and helped my mental health and happiness. Thank you. You are such a beautiful selfless ray of sunshine, giving me and so many others positivity and laughter in such hard times.”
Laughter Yoga Participant

Though it may not be immediately obvious, mental health and well being are at the centre of everything I do.

I create environments where play, laughter, free expression and silliness are invited and welcome, giving us access to our own joy, empowerment and deeper connection with others.

This, in turn, offers us a boost in mental health and wellbeing.

While we’re not aiming directly for this, when we play, we can find we’re laughing, and these good feelings have the capacity to sneak up on us.

For the last year, I’ve been hosting theatrical laughter yoga classes every weekday morning (Everybody Laugh Together). These sessions have provided a space for me and my participants to play, dress up, laugh, connect and find a way through the pandemic together. 

Hosting these classes has kept me flexing my “play” muscle, meaning that I am fresh, energised and ready to go at the drop of a hat to take the laughter wherever it’s needed. 

All of my learnings over the last 25 years of adulthood have led me to this point, combining my training in theatre with my personal development journey. 

For me, silliness and fun are FUNdamental to feeling alive and well, whether you are the “kind of person who likes to have fun” or not.

Creating new things thrills me. 

I love combining all of my skills to create these good feelings in other ways, so if you like the idea of creating something new with all of the resources I have at my fingertips, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

“Suzy Harvey radiates generosity, positivity and a willingness to embrace life in all its shapes and colours.”
Carrie Mueller, Co-Programme Leader of Performing Arts at University of East London

As a performer I’ve trained at…
Middlesex University, BA Hons in Performing Arts (1st Class)
Desmond Jones School of Mime and Physical Theatre
Ecole Philippe Gaulier, Paris.

As a human in development…
Laughter Yoga Leader (training completed 2011)
Facilitator of Emotional Freedom Technique (training completed (2013)
Dorset School of Biodanza (training completed 2019)

Less formally (no certificate, but it was life-changing, life-enhancing, life-boosting)…Countless emotional release and empowerment workshops at Osho Leela Personal Development Centre. I recommend this place wholeheartedly. It’s intense and maybe a bit scary the first time you go, but once you’re there you may find it to be one of the most nourishing places for your soul imaginable. 

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