Specialist in Joy and Connection
For Mental Health and Well-Being

Welcome to my site, I’m so glad you found me. 
My specialism is sparking joy and creativity in myself and others.

I draw on my background in theatre, using song, dance, clowning, play and laughter.
I’m passionate about creating spaces where you feel safe and free to express yourself, play, laugh, sing, dance and be your biggest, boldest self. 
I host playful events which encourage dressing up, theatricality, expression, joy and connection. 

These take the shape of:

If you, your friends, colleagues, team need some more joy, connection, expression, expansion in your world, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look around my site and please get in touch if you’d like to book me.

My Laughter Yoga rainbow!

“Suzy is the perfect measure of bonkers and sane so that I really let loose. She is highly skilled at making sure we feel included and safe.”
Laughter Yoga Participant

“Suzy has made isolation bearable. Her online class is part of my daily routine and I really look forward to laughing every morning – sets up my day!”
Laughter Yoga Participant