Balloon Twisting

With Love From Dotty

Balloon twisting is probably my most frivolous seeming offering. I used to judge them myself, as “low art”, until I saw how happy they made people. Balloons are fun; pure frothy, airy lightness and colour.

What continues to astound me though, even after 15 years of twisting is the sparks of joy
and amazement they provoke, even in people who I’ve never seen smile before! Balloon art somehow has the capacity to light up the child part of us, and used in the right
way can provoke moments of profound connection, community and wonderful memories.

I have a character, called Dotty who drops in on children’s parties, facilitates a magical
energetic adventure and gets the children to create a giant balloon structure together.
At the end of the party, each child gets a fabulous balloon model.

I’ve also been known to frequent shopping centres and random events and make balloons as people pass.

Until “lockdown” is completely lifted, I won’t come to your party, your shopping centre, or
your festival, but I can certainly pre-make a set of truly awesome balloons for your event,
for each child (let’s be clear here – children are 0-100) to take away – a really unique “party bag” filler.

Love is all around

“Having Suzy at our event was a delight. She was an exceptional addition to our festive fun day and brought smiles to crowds of families across the day. She was hard-working, easy to work with and responded positively to all our requests in advance and on the day. Suzy really added a Christmassy tone to the town and we look forward to inviting her back again next year.”
County Hall Shopping Centre, Ashford

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